Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Original ScaryMaze Creator

The most famous maze games world in the early 2000s called Scary Maze very horrendous the world.
May be the creator of this game does not expect that this simple game can be viral, in the early days of the internet.

Almost everyone is looking for the word scary maze in search engines, at a time when Yahoo is still the most popular search engines for netizens.

But perhaps not many know who the makers of this game Scary Maze.

Perhaps also because the original maker's website less popular, than other website provider that installs game Scary Maze game on its website. 

Is a website with the name winterrowd who were the original makers of the game scary maze, here the link

So now the scary maze game display on the website winterrowd, included writing the name of the maker, winterrowd.

Different from the one I uploaded on this website labirinthmaze here.

On this occasion I would like to thank the maker winterrowd for this exciting game

Monday, January 23, 2017

Scary Maze Prank Video Viral

Scary Maze Prank Video

Here I found several video from Youtube about Scary Maze Prank, made by Scary Maze Fans from all over the world.
Thanks to the to made this funny and amusing video, I enjoy to watch them and run it over and over again.

Scary Maze prank - The Original 

Uploading date May 20, 2006 by Can't We All Just Get Along? with 27,351,869 views (at the time I wrote this)

This is claimed as the original of Scary Maze Prank Video, the uploading date is from May 20, 2006 and the date title on the video is Feb 8, 2006.
So I think this is the real original one, from the beginning era of Scary Maze spread out Viral phenomena on the early year of internet video streaming.

Please enjoy this amazing old video:

Scary Maze Reaction Video - Guy Punch Monitor Version

This is the second famous Scary Maze Video that I know, maybe the famous from Reaction Video genre for Scary Maze.

I found two identical video from Youtube with same uploading date, so I don't know witch the first, then I show the most viewer video first:

The best scary maze reaction ever!(ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Uploading date Jan 16, 2011 by Jack jones with 161,689 views (at the time I wrote this)

The Exorcist Scary Maze Game - Scary Maze prank - Funny Video - 2011

Uploading date Jan 16, 2011 by TheAqmeur42 with 119,047 views (at the time I wrote this)

Actually this video is not original act of guy scared and pissing after playing Scary Maze Game, this clip taken from Saturday Night Live TV Show.
That explained in Winterrowd homepage with original full length video of this guy action.
Click here:

That some of video I found, I will searching more video about Scary Maze and posted it in here.
Thank you for visiting my blog :)