Scary Maze 3 (Scariest Maze Game)

Scary Maze 3 (Scariest Maze Game)This 3rd version of Scary Maze Game is claimed as the most scariest maze by its creator, still with the same game structure as the previous version, still with a dot that you have to move with the mouse, and still tracing winding path that becomes increasingly narrow at the edges.
But the creatures that appear when you touch the wall several times different from previous games, the creature's face is more broken and out of shape, but with less blood and more neatly.
This game is still annoying to play, but that's what makes this scary maze game series loved by many people and awaited the emergence of the newer versions.
Try to reach the end, but you will regret it, that's the slogan of this game, you will regret it if you do not successfully complete the game that only has a few levels, try to encourage your friends to a race who is more quickly complete all the levels without seeing the face of horror though, maybe you can make a video and upload it to youtube along dozens of people who do the same thing.

Move the red dot with the mouse, you might need a wide mouse pads to make it more freely tracing the difficult and narrow path.

Creator: Joshua Mustill (

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