Sola Rola Gravity Maze



Tumble Maze




You are a ball-shaped alien who are on the way home driving an UFO, but there is a problem, so you're with your friend should enter into the gravity maze room, your goal is to enter the door hole by rotating the maze room, sometimes one of you have to press the button to open the barrier that prevents your friend to go through.


Use the left and right cursor arrow to rotate the maze, this is a fun and unique game with a long annoying introduction animation.


Shape Switcher
SpongeBob Bus Rush

  Random Selection  
3D Maze Survival
Interesting 3D Maze Game, walking trough the corridors and try to not catches by Pumpkin monsters.
Holy Marble.
This game simulates a wooden maze game, where you must move the marble ball between the winding pathways and to avoid the holes so that your ball does not fall into it.
Maze Girl
An athletic girl running on the transparent maze path above skyscraper buildings, I do not know why she do it, but your task is to direct step that girl so she could...
Shape Switcher
You are a creature with two eyes that can be deformed and discolored.


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